Plan your arrival at the airport 90-120 minutes in advance, on average. This way you will have enough time for all checks and procedures and will skip waiting in long lines. Don't forget to check-in online if this is your airline's requirement.


Parking is free for 15 minutes. Curb parking in front of the terminal is forbidden, unless for dropping / picking up passengers. Parking stay charges can be viewed here


Most airlines will allow you to carry on ONE personal item (purse, laptop bag, small backpack) and ONE carry-on bag. Please check with your airline for specific fees, size, and weight restrictions. When packing your carry-on bags, put all liquids and gels in a single, clear, zip-top baggie. Each liquid item must be 100 ml or less. You'll need to pull these out when going through Security, so pack them where you can reach them quickly, such as in an exterior pocket.

Checked Bags

Airlines allow ticketed passengers to check bags for an additional fee per bag. Please check with your airline for specific fees, size, and weight restrictions. We recommend you pre-pay all checked bags before coming to the airport. The check-in desks are arranged in the public Departures area, and are open two or three hours before the announced time of departure depending on the specific airline's requirements. The number of the check-in desk for your flight is shown on the flight information displays.

Prepare for Security

To get through Security quickly, it helps to:

  • Have a photo id (or passport if required for your flight) and your boarding pass ready. You'll need to present them to get into Security.

  • Wear slip-on shoes. You'll have to remove them and put them in the bin.

  • Pack your bag of liquids for quick access in your carry-on. You'll have to put them in the bin.

  • Put metal objects in your carry-on ahead of time. Whatever metal you don't stash in your carry-on will have to be removed in line and put in the bin before going through the scanner.

  • Pack laptops and smaller electronics such as tablets and phones for quick access. They must be placed in the bin.

  • Leave your drinks. You can't take them through Security.

  • Don't bring wrapped gifts.

Prohibited Items

The following list contains some of the items that are not permitted past Security. Some of these items may be permitted in checked bags.

  • Knives

  • Box cutters

  • Most scissors

  • Baseball bats and other sports gear

  • Weapons

  • Toys replica of weapons

  • Lighters with fuel and blue light lighters

  • Matches

  • Liquids over 100 ml

Visit the Security Requirements section for a complete list of prohibited items and detailed instructions about traveling with them.

Customs and Immigration

The customs and passport control desks come after the security control points for passengers and baggage.

It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself in advance with the customs and passport/visa requirements of the countries of your destination. Please pay attention to the validity of your ID documents.

Departure Gates

Plan enough time for all checks and procedures. You have to be at the departure gate 30 minutes before the scheduled time of departure. In case you fail to comply you might not be allowed to board the aircraft.